Hi there! I’m Susan Ranes, a children’s writer from North Carolina. Thanks for visiting my site. Please feel free to poke around. You might even run into my dog, Maggie. She’s very friendly and somewhat sneaky. If she tells you she hasn’t had a treat today, don’t believe her. She had two!

     When I’m not writing, I love creating things (like this web page), taking pictures, and playing with animals, especially good little dogs who have had enough treats for today, Maggie—I mean it!

     I’ve also loved reading my whole life. My favorite books were the ones I read when I was about ten, eleven, and twelve. Those middle-grade shelves at the library seemed full of endless new worlds and friends. While I was reading through them from A to Z, a little voice inside me used to say “When I grow up, I’m going to tell stories like this, too.” Or at least I knew I would try.     

     If you look around this website, you’ll probably figure out the kind of things I like to write about. Maybe they’re the kinds of things you like, too!










              To Do

1. Write stories.

2. Make a web page.

3. Say “Hi” to anyone who visits.

4. Hi!